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Jhongert Fuertes is a driven, experienced web developer who is passionate about exceptional program development and superb service to his clients. He is self-taught in several aspects of his experience and strives to continuously grow his knowledge base. He is also academically trained, graduated with honors from the Northeastern University in the Dominican Republic.

When He is not working or in front of his computer searching for new knowledge, He is usually with his lovely wife and his two children. Jhongert Fuertes currently lives in Orlando Florida. He believes in hard work, innovation, and He is passionate about programming and technology.



















JCA is an electric service company. This application allows them to manage the information of work orders, clients and technicians efficiently. This application includes features such as sending emails and notifications, upload pictures, authentication and authorization, inputs validation, events calendar, search, and more.

Developed using PHP, Laravel, Javascript, jQuery, Bootstrap, HTML and CSS.

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Elkins & Freedman

Elkins & Freedman is a law firm website. My responsibility in this project was to create a backend that allows authorized users to manage the news and testimonials that are displayed in the frontend. This backend also includes user authentication and input validations.

Developed using Laravel, MySQL, HTML5, JavaScript, jQuery and Bootstrap.

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Tickets App

A tickets application that allows the company to manage supports tickets submitted by customers. Customers can submit tickets, view and add comments.

Developed using HTML5, CSS3, NodeJS, Express, MongoDB, Jade, JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap and Auth0

See code on GitHub Live demo

Youtube search

Search YouTube as you type. When the search returns it shows a list of video thumbnail, along with a description and link to each video.

Developed using Angular, HTML5 and bootstrap.

See code on GitHub Live demo

Login App

An user registration and login application that uses authentication and google reCaptcha.

Developed using HTML5, NodeJS, Express, MongoDB, Handlebars, JavaScript, jQuery and Materializecss.

See code on GitHub Live demo

Hangman Game

A game that runs in the browser and feature dynamically updated HTML powered by your JavaScript code.

Developed using JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap

See code on GitHub Live demo

Product Registration

A CRUD product registration app. On the server side this app uses Node and MySQL to query and route data and Handlebars to generate HTML. This app also follows the MVC design pattern and uses Sequelize to interact with the database. On the client side uses Bootstrap for layout and style, and jQuery to validate user input.

Developed using Node.js, Express, MySQL, Sequelize, jQuery and Bootstrap.

See code on GitHub Live demo

Star Wars RPG Game

A web based role playing game.

Developed using jQuery, HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap

See code on GitHub Live demo


MyGifs is a dynamic responsive web page that populates with gifs of your choice from the GIPHY API.

Developed using JavaScript, jQuery, HTML5, CSS3, AJAX and Bootstrap.

See code on GitHub Live demo

Trivia Game

A game that shows one question (about Star Wars) until the player answers it or the time runs out. The time depends on the level chosen when starting the game.

Developed using JavaScript, jQuery, HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap.

See code on GitHub Live demo

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